Reward Vesting VRH

In order to improve economic stability within the VRH ecosystem, we have introduced a vesting mechanism.
When new VRH tokens are minted by users via guild mining, 30% of the minted amount will be released immediately, while the remaining 70% will be released linearly over a period of 168 days.
The RewardVestingEscrow contract will record all vesting data of a user. The contract will calculate all available VRH and unlocked vesting VRH when a user trigger claim. The vesting claimable amount of a member and owner will not be affected by changing and leaving guild.
However, the vested amount doesn't start releasing immediately the next day, it will only start releasing at the beginning of the next period, where a period is rounded by 28 days.
For instance, assuming the start of the next period is on 15 March 2022, for every claim that happens before this date, 70% of the claimable amount will be accumulated and start releasing linearly on 15 March 2022 every day for the next 168 days.
The user will miss one-period vesting if did not trigger the claim in a period. But the rewards will accumulate at the beginning of (period + 2) of vesting which slightly postpones the vesting by one period. As a result, we encourage a user to claim at least one time in a period to vest the 70% linear release part at the beginning of the next period.