Guild and Minting VRH

Versailles Heroes uses the VRH token to incentivize players when they lock up their VRH and burn GAS. VRH is the governance token used for this protocol.
The following contracts contain the implementation of the VRH token release:
  • Guild - this contract is to store and calculate the amount of VRH tokens a user can receive at a given time, based on the total time the user's VRH tokens have been locked for. Every guild is managed by its own independent Guild contract.
  • GuildController - this contract keeps track of all guilds and their voting power and member information.
  • VotingEscrow - this contract records every user's locked amount of VRH and their decaying vote weight at a given time.
  • RewardVestingEscrow - this contract records every user's 70% vesting amount of VRH.
  • GasEscrow - this contract records every user's burned amount of Game Tokens and their remaining GAS to be burned.
  • Minter - this is a VRH minter contract, which allows users to mint new VRH based on their allocation in their guild.
  • ERC20VRH - this contract is ERC20 compatible and records all the parameters of token deflation and token release.
  • VestingEscrow - this contract records VRH foundation, core team and investor vesting amount of VRH.


The guild organization is the main body of revenue in the game.
In essence, the guilds play the role of an autonomous community that makes use of the concept of a DAO in the VRH ecosystem. As the guilds are tightly coupled with VRH, it allows the VRH token to be distributed fairly and evenly, attracting players to become VRH holders through incentives.
With the existence of the VRH DAO, the game will evolve into a truly decentralized GuildFi and GameFi experience.


  • Every guild receives a certain amount of the VRH proportional to their vote weight every second.
  • 30% of the VRH acquired from minting will be released immediately, while the remaining 70% will be vesting for at least 168 days.
  • Within the guild, each member will receive their VRH allocation according to the amount of veVRH they have locked and the amount of GAS burned. Every member's minting rewards can be boosted up to a maximum of 2.5 times.
  • Vote weight is represented by veVRH and can only be obtained by locking VRH. Vote weight decays according to time and becomes 0 when the unlock time is reached. Players have the option to increase VRH lock amount or extend the unlock time, but withdrawal of VRH will not be allowed during the locked period.
  • GAS is acquired by burning Game Tokens for 4 years, GAS will decrease according to the time during the lock period of VRH.
  • Once a player joins a guild, they will automatically vote for that guild with their existing veVRH. The guild's voting power is updated once every week.
  • A player can only change to another guild after 10 days.
  • Holders of veVRH can participate in governance. They can either create a proposal or vote for an existing one.
VRH can be locked for a period of a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 4 years.