Gas-Escrowed Game Token

VRH mining rewards can be boosted up to a maximum of 2.5 times. This can be achieved by burning game tokens in the GasEscrow contract. MOH is the first game token that can be used for GAS. VRH aims to build a whole platform guild-fi system to invite different kinds of games to join us. The VRH protocol allows different types of game tokens to be added to the ecosystem. However, different types of game token burning processes will be isolated from each other to avoid the influence of the amount and price. That means different types of game tokens will also have independent GasEscrow smart contracts. These tokens will burn as different types of GAS in the next 4yrs when boost mining.
The guild owner needs to specify a gas-burning type which is controlled by DAO when creating a guild. All the members in this guild are only allowed to burn this type of GAS. That means if the guild you join supports GAS-A. The member can not get a boost when only owning GAS-B. The member must check the GAS type carefully before create_gas
A user can earn game tokens by participating in various game modes offered by different kinds of games. All earned game tokens by a player can be withdrawn to their wallet so that they can convert them into GAS via the create_gas function in GasEscrowsmart contract.
MOH refers to any game tokens that a user can earn by playing games. To create GAS, a user is required to burn their game token for 4 years.
MOH is an ERC-20 token and can be transferred between wallets, however, GAS is not ERC-20-compliant, and is not transferrable. Converting MOH to GAS is irreversible and all GAS will be completely burned after 4 years.
One MOH locked for 4 years is equivalent to a balance of one GAS and the balance will decrease linearly over time until it is depleted at the end of 4 years. The GAS logic is nearly the same as veVRH logic except that users can not extend the burn time in GasEscrow