1. How is VRH mined?

A user can mine VRH by joining a guild and locking their VRH.

2. How do you create or join a guild?

A user with sufficient veVRH balance can choose to create a guild. The creation of a new guild must go through the Aragon proposal process and acquire enough votes to proceed.
A user who has veVRH can decide to join a guild.
Creating or joining a guild will be handled by the GuildController contract.

3. What is the relationship between VRH and veVRH?

  • VRH is an ERC-20 governance token on the blockchain.
  • veVRH stands for vote-escrowed VRH and represents the vote weight when VRH is locked for an extended period of time.
  • veVRH is not ERC-20 compliant.
  • veVRH is obtained by locking VRH for at least minimum 1yr, maximum 4yrs via VotingEscrow.

4. What is the relationship between gMOH and MOH?

  • gMOH represents MOH in games, it is the abbreviation of game MOH.
  • MOH is an ERC-20 token on the blockchain.
  • MOH can be obtained by deposits or withdrawals through the marketplace.

5. How is GAS acquired?

In Versailles Heroes, a user can play various game modes to earn game tokens. By burning game tokens through GasEscrow, a user can acquire GAS.
In the future, VRH will expand to support game tokens from different platforms to allow users to acquire GAS.

6. How do you maintain the 2.5 times VRH reward boost?

By burning enough GAS (acquired through GasEscrow using game tokens) while mining, a user can achieve a boost in VRH rewards up to a maximum of 2.5 times.
As the boost ratio is directly affected by the total amount of GAS to be burned within a guild, and it is constantly increasing when more users join the guild. It is advisable to lock more game tokens than required in order to maintain the 2.5 times boost.

7. Why I did not receive vested rewards after claiming?

The VRH vesting rule is a kind of delayed vesting. It is designed to release the tokens based on a unit period, where a period is calculated by 28 days.
When a user performs a claim action, 70% of the claimed tokens will be accessible at the beginning of the next period and will be released linearly in the next 168 days (6 x 4 x 7 days).
If a user performs multiple claim actions before the start of the next period, every claim's 70% allocation of the tokens will be accumulated on the next period to be released linearly in the following 168 days.

8. What is Aragon DAO?

The DAO provides an organization with the freedom to join and leave, open rules, and code enforcement, with no human irregularities. Aragon allows anyone to create an "unstoppable organization" in minutes. We modified Aragon's implementation to use a weighted vote system through token lock-up time and lock-up quantity, replacing the traditional method of one token corresponding to one vote.

9. Risks

Versailles Heroes aims to build a multi game token community governance platform, and we have put security at the highest priority. All game token contracts that VRH will interact with will undergo security audits to reduce any potential risk to a minimum.