Bug Bounties

In order to promote the development of the VRH ecosystem, the VRH Foundation allocates 3% of the total tokens to outstanding contributors in the community. On top of that, bug bounties are offered to anyone who discovers and reports any vulnerabilities to the development team. The bounty amount is determined according to the bug severity. This 3% of the total tokens will be allocated to the VRH Treasury in the initial stage and will be distributed accordingly after the evaluation by the Project team and the community.


The Project team will organize different kinds of events regularly, offering grants to the participants who can refactor the frontend source codes, add support for different types of wallets or contribute to smart contract development. Attractive rewards will be given to outstanding contributors.
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Bounty Hunters

Disclosure Terms:

  • Share the issue with us in detail as soon as it is discovered
  • Give us a reasonable timeframe to respond to the issue before making any information about it public
  • Never willfully exploit any vulnerability

Bounty Payment Eligibility:

  • You must be the first reporter of a vulnerability. Subsequent reports of the same vulnerability will not be rewarded.
  • Vulnerability must be found on a smart contract. Bugs found on the frontend or in the game itself will not be rewarded.
  • The first reporter must provide full details of the vulnerability, including the steps to reproduce it and the result.
  • The first report must provide a valid signature to prove ownership of the attacking address.
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