Querying Guild Information

Guild.working_supply() -> uint256: view
The "working supply" of the guild, the effective total veVRH amount after all veVRH have been boosted.

Querying Owner Information

Guild.owner() -> address: view
Get the owner address of the guild
Guild.total_owner_bonus(addr: address) -> uint256 : view
Get the owner bonus of an owner address. There is only one owner at a certain time. But the owner is transferrable.
Guild.guild_rate(time) -> uint256: view
Get the guild rate at a certain epoch.
time: start of epoch time

Querying Member Information

Guild.balanceOf(addr: address) -> uint256: view
The current amount of veVRH that addr in the Guild
Guild.working_balances(addr: address) -> uint256: view
The "working balance" of a member, their effective balance after boost has been applied
Guild.claimable_tokens(addr: address) -> uint256: nonpayable
The amount of currently mintable VRH for addr from this guild.
Guild.integrate_fraction(addr: address) -> uint256: view
The total amount of VRH, both mintable, already minted, and vesting, that has been allocated to addr from this guild.


Guild.user_checkpoint(addr: address) -> bool:
Trigger checkpoint for addr. Updating their working balance, boost, and votes.
Only callable by addr or Minter - you cannot trigger an update working balance for others.
Guild.kick(addr: address):
Trigger a checkpoint for addr. Only callable when the current boost for addr veVRH decreased by half of the original working balance or gas-burn expired.

Join and leave Guild

Trigger checkpoint for addr. Join this guild and start mining immediately. Joining the guild will vote all veVRH to the current guild and will take effect at the start of next epoch.
Trigger checkpoint for addr. Leave this guild and stop mining. Leaving the guild will unvote all veVRH from the guild and will take effect at the start of next epoch. The guild will also claim all rewards for this guild.

Change Commission Rate

Guild.set_commission_rate(increase: uin256):
The guild owner can change the commission rate once an epoch by 1.
increase: True increase, False decrease