Querying GAS balance and supply

GasEscrow.balanceOf(addr: address, _t: uint256 = block.timestamp) -> uint256
Returns the GAS amount of an address at a certain time.
  • addr: User wallet address
GasEscrow.balanceOfAt(addr: address, _block: uint256) -> uint256
Measure the GAS at a historic block height
This function is taken from the MiniMe ERC20 implementation and is required for compatibility with Aragon.
  • addr: User wallet address
  • _block: Block to calculate the GAS at
GasEscrow.totalSupply() -> uint256
Returns the current total GAS
GasEscrow.totalSupplyAt(_block: uint256) -> uint256
Calculate the total GAS at a historic block height
  • _block: Block to calculate the total GAS at
GasEscrow.burned(_user: address) -> uint256
Get the burned game token amount
  • _user: Address to query


GasEscrow.create_gas(_value: uint256,):
Deposit gas token to contract and creates gas within 4yrs. A new burn cannot be created if an existing burn already exists. Deposit gas token is an irreversible action and all gas tokens will be transferred to the black hole address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
Prerequisite: The contract must be approved to transfer at least _value gas token
  • _value: The amount of gas token to deposit
GasEscrow.increase_amount(value: uint256):
Burn additional game token into an existing lock.
  • _value : The amount of game token to lock.
Clear all gas-burning history for creating a new gas.